Entry #19

Jack Slammer - Dev Journal (Part Two)

2017-12-19 21:01:46 by RoboRick

Building the Jack Slammer Game has led to me asking myself one-question... What type of game is this going to be? I wanted to put a lot of emphasis on the story, while still making the general gameplay somewhat rewarding for the user... So I've decided to go with making this a Turn-Based RPG (for the combat sequences). Tonight, I'm going to start building the In-Game Story and Battle Sequences (Similar to what we did with CMSTD).

In order to get this thing done by 12/31, I'm going to be doing 3 12 hour streams this coming Thursday/Friday/Saturday... The Primary Goal is to focus on getting all of the core gameplay done, that way that me and @TheRealCornelius can focus on the creative points of the game... since our first goal is to make an amazing game and our second goal is to make Daily Top 5 :) 

Work is being done and on 12/30 or 12/31 you amazing people will get an awesome game :) 

BELOW IS SOME OF  TRC's Great Artwork :) 










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2017-12-20 02:58:10

wow, that art is great. this is really exciting!