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RoboRick's News

Posted by RoboRick - September 2nd, 2019

Over the past 3 months, I have been developing a Social Network called Patrollin and I'm excited to announce that we are now in Beta.

Patrollin is a cross between Twitter/Tindr giving everyone an equal opportunity at building a following. We hope to see content creators on the site promoting their work from NG, since you all post some awesome stuff!




Posted by RoboRick - December 19th, 2017

Building the Jack Slammer Game has led to me asking myself one-question... What type of game is this going to be? I wanted to put a lot of emphasis on the story, while still making the general gameplay somewhat rewarding for the user... So I've decided to go with making this a Turn-Based RPG (for the combat sequences). Tonight, I'm going to start building the In-Game Story and Battle Sequences (Similar to what we did with CMSTD).

In order to get this thing done by 12/31, I'm going to be doing 3 12 hour streams this coming Thursday/Friday/Saturday... The Primary Goal is to focus on getting all of the core gameplay done, that way that me and @TheRealCornelius can focus on the creative points of the game... since our first goal is to make an amazing game and our second goal is to make Daily Top 5 :) 

Work is being done and on 12/30 or 12/31 you amazing people will get an awesome game :) 

BELOW IS SOME OF  TRC's Great Artwork :) 









Posted by RoboRick - December 5th, 2017

I don't think that I have really put too much of "myself" into these news updates, I've been treating them more like morning standups (similar to those in an Agile Development Process) to hold myself accountable, and to make sure that I deliver a game to NG at the time I said that I would. But before I start to talk about my next game (that I am going to try to release around X-Mas Day), I would like to thank @TomFulp for allowing CMSTD to be featured on the Front Page... My 13 year old self was doing cartwheels when I saw something I worked so hard on get featured on a site that I've been visiting off and on for 16 years!

Now... Onto the next one :) 

I'm a massive nerd and I play a lot of Tabletop RPG Games, as well as do goofy shit on Twitch. One of my characters that I like to do is named Jack Slammer, Jack was a former professional wrestler (who took up the art after getting kicked out of the Police Academy for failing the Mental Health Evaluation), he also only sleeps with Married Women while their Husbands reluctantly watch (commonly referred to as "Cucking"), and he has nearly 50 illigitimate children... Below is a video that truly captures his... essence:



Jack Slammer is going to be the focal point of my next game, the story is simple... Jack wants a New Gaming PC, but can't get one due to the fact that he owes so much money for Child Support... His Plan... "Destroy the Child Support Mainframe Computer"!  I'm building the game to have a gameplay style similar to GTA 2... and I plan on releasing it on X-Mas Day (or close to X-Mas Day)... I'll be doing a daily blog to go over the progress.

Posted by RoboRick - December 1st, 2017

Yesterday, I released the first game (Cyborgs (Might) Save The Day) that I have made in over 15 years, and to my surprise/delight it made Front Page status (while still being "In Judgement"). I immediately told everyone who was involved about the project to go look at the front page of NG and then I proceeded to look through the API Documentation, as this event made me want to add medals to the game.



About thirty minutes ago, I have released our first batch of medals to the game :)  Players can earn them by completing Levels One, Two, and Three! Since, I'm trying to make this game as Community Friendly as possible, if you think of any other achievements that are worthy of receiving a medal, please let me know and I shall add them in :) (Right now, there is no notification within the game, but if you refresh the page after you complete the game, you'll notice some new medals :) )



Though I look forward to fixing any major issues that the community has with CMSTD, I have made it a personal goal to release one game per month until November of 2018... I think that my next project is going to be a Dating Sim through the lens of an Iconic Nintendo Character :) I want this to be a cross between a "Point N' Click" Dating Sim and a Classic Platformer (with a few twists).

Thank you folks for all of your critiques (whether positive or negative), there is no need to apologize on a PM (so long as you conduct yourself respectfully) as I would rather be saved by criticism than destroyed by praise :)

Also remember to follow me on Twitter and Twitch (where I program these games live).

Posted by RoboRick - November 30th, 2017

Cyborgs (Might) Save the Day has been released... Go play it :) 

Posted by RoboRick - November 26th, 2017

I have five days of development left to meet the December 1st deadline, I love how the community has been so kind over these past few weeks, and I've also enjoyed my twitch viewers (who've had more experience with GameDev in Unity) pointing me to the right direction whenever I slipped up. I've had multiple people test out the gameplay and I've fixed it up based on their notes, I'm now closing in on the "Polishing" stages of the game, where it is simply tweaking audio, and adding transitions.

Here is a list of things that I got done since my last post:

  • Polished up Level One and added an ending transition to the level.
  • Polished up Level Two and added fixed "The Shield"
  • I added the animated characters (designed by @digitalfudge) for Level Three of the game, and also added in some blood splatter effects.
  • I implemented artwork from @SnackerBoy for the Level Complete and Game Over Screens.
  • I implemented sprite animations from @Lukasz123x to Level 2... Which included a badass new Boss for that Level.

Throughout these next five days, I'm going to be:

  • Adding the Main Story Slides (drawn by @TheRealCornelius) to the game.
  • Adding Fade-In/Fade-Out Transitions to the scenes.
  • Polishing up level 3 (and adding a final boss)
  • Building the Credits Section
  • Fixing Bugs (as beta testers report them)


If you want to see how the sausage is cooked, I'll be streaming at 12:15pm PST :) 

Posted by RoboRick - November 22nd, 2017

In 8 days, you folks are finally going to get to play this thing :) It has been a bumpy road, with a lot of learning on my end (new framework, coding language, and I haven't made a complete game in 15 years), but through the ups and downs I think we have a game worthy of (at the very least) not getting blammed :D

Before I go into my list of Thank You's, here is a list of things that have been added (since the last time I wrote a Dev Journal).

  • Finally got around to making the movement smoother within the game, by utilizing the RigidBody as opposed to using transform.Translate. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and the movement is A LOT smoother!
  • I finished the Character Select Screens (for Levels 1-3)
  • I finished the General Gameplay (minus a few hiccups) for Levels 1-3
  • I added Explosions, Music, and Sound Effects.
  • I added the in-game storyline that dynamically changes based on which characters you select.
  • I fixed a lot of the Collision Issues we were experiencing (minus the Level 2 Shield)
  • Add Animations for Level 2

What I need to complete (in order for us to ship this bitch):

  • Write and Implement the Main Story (Gotta Save the Best for Last)
  • Add Better Effects Transitions on the Final Bosses
  • Add a Final Boss to Level 3
  • Implement Character Art for Level 3
  • Polish the Main, Game Over, and Level Complete Screens
  • Implement new art for the "Power-Ups"
  • Build the Credits Screen (so that some fantastic people can shine)

If I have time, I really do want to add Newgrounds Medals... So if I fix everything in time... I'll be adding some medals :)

Now, I am the WORST ARTIST to ever live (and that is an understatement), I'm also a musically challenged individual.. So I have to give props to those who helped me make something awesome:





If you want to see this game made live... and watch me make some silly mistakes (so that you don't have to), check out my twitch channel!


Posted by RoboRick - November 10th, 2017


Since these Dev Journals were starting to feel more like a Daily Stand-Up, I decided to cut back on doing them to once every 3-4 days, that way each journal will have some meaty updates :)

What's been accomplished since last time:

- Level One Gameplay
- Level One Gameover Screen
- Level One Assets Implementation (minus backgrounds and sounds)
- Level One End Screen

- Level Two Character Select
- Level Two Player Movement
- Level Two AI Player Movement
- Level Two Enemies (minus the final boss)

What I am going to be working on Tonight and Sunday Night:

- Level Two Final Boss
- Level Two Flow
- Level Two Player Rules
- Level Two Completion Screen
- Level One Polishing (Music, Sound Effects, Particles, etc.)


If you missed the latest stream, you can check it out below



Also, I have to give shoutouts for some badasses who have supplied some great assets! Artwork:TheRealCorneliusSnackerzDigitalFudge




Posted by RoboRick - November 7th, 2017

It's all starting to come together :) Today, I implemented the new artwork by TheRealCornelius for the side profiles of the planes (they look fucking sick), I also started implementing the AI System for the characters who will be helping you along the way.

Tomorrow Morning, I am going to be finishing up Level One Gameplay, and in the evening I am going to be writing the story for Level One (Both the Prologue and the beginning of the game)... both will be streamed live on Twitch :)

If you missed today's broadcast, here it is:


Posted by RoboRick - November 6th, 2017

Since, I have to drop my dogs off at Daycare and head to work (adulting), I'm going to keep this update short and sweet.

Today, I fixed the issue with the shield acting up when a power-up hit it. What I decided to do was make it so that if a power-up hits the shield, that power-up is then destroyed, so a player won't be able to simply hide behind the shield for the entire level :)

I also cleaned up player movement, so now the ships don't skip as badly (though I will be iterating this over time).

Finally, I fixed the Photon Spacing issue, so now they are better aligned with the ships.

For my next tricks:

  • I'm going to be implementing the two companions.
  • I'm going to be implementing particles + sounds
  • I'm going to start implementing the music
  • Writing the Story for the Prologue (to Level One)
  • Writing and implementing the "In-Level" Story
  • Implement the End Level Screen (showing the stats)

After that, I should say that is a wrap on Level One and I'll be opening up a round of Beta-Testing, if anyone wants to get in on the action :) 

If you missed this morning's broadcast check it out below: